ABAXIS INC is incorporated in 1989, which is a developer, manufacturer as well as marketer of a portable blood analysis system. ABAXIS INC works in the medical market which consists of physicians with multiple specialties, urgent care, and health screening operations. They also develop products like Piccolo chemistry analyzers and consumable products. ABAXIS was founded by two executives named Gary Story and Vladimir Ostoich. This company initially launched with the Diagnostic Profile system.

The company serves the veterinary market which comprises animal hospitals, veterinary emergency clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and private laboratories. Blood being one of the main constituents of the body proves to be a major factor in the analysis of different ailments and disease detection processes. The mobility of it throughout the body makes it a vital part of the body scan for diseases making it a crucial factor for both treatment and research for bloodborne diseases.

ABAXIS INC Medical Sector

ABAXIS: Key Player in the Medical Sector

ABAXIS, since its incorporation in 1989, is offering the blood analysis systems, empowering the medical professionals with faster blood constituent measurements. Systems for medical usage are marketed under the brand name Piccolo Xpress while those in the veterinary sub-domain are under the umbrella brand of VetScan VS2.

The acute classification of the products under its offering is Point-of-care Blood Chemistry Analyzer, Regent Discs, and instrument for the hematology procedures named VetScan HM5.

ABAXIS-INC Regent Disc

Point-of-care Blood Chemistry Analyzer:

Point-of-care Blood Chemistry Analyzer consists of the portable analyzer and one-time use discs called regent discs. This combination offers a variety of tests for both veterinary and human patients. 14 test capability for the earlier and 13 for the later mentioned is the only compact offering in the market of such vast proficiency. The systems offered can be operated with nominal training and tests on whole blood, serum, or plasma samples.

Regent discs:

Used with the Blood Chemistry Analyzers provides fully automatic control for the blood chemistry testing. These discs are efficient tools considering the whole process right from the separation of blood into plasma and blood cells to the final analysis of the chemical composition thus providing and alleviated the method of analyzing the blood samples in a controlled environment and least possible time.

Orbos Process:

ABAXIS, INC. has licensed the Orbos process technology to bioMerieux, Inc., Cepheid, and GE Healthcare.  They are dealing with the top competitors in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. They also compete in the Medical research field thus increasing the competitiveness for ABAXIS INC.


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