ABAXIS INC: Leading Service Provider in the Medical Sector

ABAXIS INC is incorporated in 1989, which is a developer, manufacturer as well as marketer of a portable blood analysis system. ABAXIS INC works in the medical...
Healthcare-Condition Bangalore

Bangalore: Changing Healthcare Conditions Hampering the City Life

Is Bangalore becoming a dead city? This is the most trending topic in the recent years since the study conducted by DR Bharath H Aithal and Prof TV Ramachandra are the persons...

Medical Record Review Services for Better Healthcare Management

Medical Record Review Services Overview Medical Record Review Services is generally the practice of cautiously assessing the medical records of the patients. Thus, arranging their medical records in...

Impact of “Information Technology” (IT) on the Healthcare Sector in India

India is a nation where population is growing at a rapid pace. From last few years the Information Technology infrastructure was not so strong, but in the coming years it has penetrated...

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