The world is facing a global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic spreading human suffering and taking people’s lives. This ongoing pandemic is much more than just a health crisis resulting in a human, social, and economic breakdown. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The impact of COVID-19 can be seen on healthcare systems and society throughout the globe for the last several months. The outbreak affects all segments of the population includes older persons, youth, persons with disabilities, and people living in poverty situations. Governments across the world are working hard to ensure the safety of their people through various initiatives.

COVID-19 Impact on Health

With the continuous rise in the cases globally, the COVID-19 has created major medical collateral damage. Patients already suffering from chronic diseases are at higher risk than before the outbreak of the pandemic. Restricted access to hospitals and medical specialists owing to stricter admission criteria, and travel restrictions. If we look at the COVID-19 vaccine update, it is still under process and we need to wait for its actual implementation on the ground to cure people. Major healthcare companies and governments have started several initiatives to spread awareness among people for hygiene and cleanness to fights against the COVID-19 worldwide.

COVID-19 Impacts

COVID-19 Impact on Wealth

COVID-19 pandemic has influenced almost all industry verticals mostly negative way and also positively for some sectors. Wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and resellers across different industry verticals would be gaining more and losing at the same time. For containing the spread of the virus, several governments have imposed lockdown restricting travel. This has affected ongoing business operations and hence resulted in major losses for small as well as large scale businesses. However, with some relaxation on restrictions businesses are trying hard to mitigate its effect.

COVID-19 Impact on Mindset

The coronavirus and its severe effects on human lives have led to pandemics of depression, particularly among the youth population. One trigger for depression is being unemployed and no probable opportunities emerging during the pandemic. In addition to this, limited knowledge about the coronavirus is also creating fear among people. However, governments have started all the necessary programs to spread awareness among people to clear their confusion.   

COVID-19 Impact

The way into the future

Looking beyond the current challenging situation, a revolution in the healthcare sector is crucial to ensure patient care. The ongoing pandemic teaches us that along with digitization it is also necessary to invest more in improving overall healthcare facilities.


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