10th Class

Perhaps one of the toughest decisions for many is to decide what to do after class 10? The decision made at this point in life plays a big role in shaping the future life in many perspectives. This results in long-lasting consequences on any individual student’s life. There are several factors that need to be considered in finding out career options after class 10 in India. Every student who completes class 10 struggles to get answers for what are the career options after class 10? What are the career opportunities after class 10? and so on. So let’s find out career paths after class 10 and how to decide the right path.

What are the Career Options after 10th Standard?

Selecting the right career option after class 10th is certainly a crucial task as it directly impacts on every student’s future life. Career planning after the 10th class should not be done in a hurry. For helping in such a decision many times career counselling for the 10th class also plays a vital role. So let us see what the career paths after Class 10 and how to decide the right path.

10th Class

Intermediate (2 Years) after Class 10th

What After class 10? If this question bothering you then you can select subject groups like PCM, PCB, and PCMB to get into the stream of your choice. Post completion of 12th class, students can opt for graduation in multiple disciplines.

Polytechnic after Class 10th

What next after the 10th board results? This is a burning question that arises in the mind of every student in India. Students can join popular polytechnic courses such as a computer, mechanical, civil, automobile, etc.

ITI (Industrial Training Institutes) after Class 10th

Joining ITI courses is one of the best career options after class 10.  Pursuing an ITI course helps students to get into the best career after class 10th by joining a mechanical, electrical, and electrical stream.

Short Term Courses after Class 10th

After 10th class, students can join several short term courses such as DTP, graphics, Tally, etc.

Choosing the right career after class 10th can do wonders for you. It is very important to go for the best career paths after class 10 for which this blog will certainly help you to decide what to choose after 10th. It is highly recommended to listen to your mind to select the best career after 10th class.



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