Green screen is renown concept in the film industry due to its exciting features. Photography is a beautiful art of capturing those magical moments from the lens to create beautiful lifetime memories to look back and smile. However, for those mesmerizing photos, a good photographer, camera and the aura need to be perfectly fine. Well, the green screen compositing and other visual effects do the magic for the photos to bring out the distinctive and unique quality from them. Visual Effects is a technique which is almost applicable in every photo, movie or any video. No photography is complete without a visual effect.

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Visual Effects can be a flash, a zoom in or zoom out, sparkle or a 360-degree panorama click which makes your images a spectacular special capture. Visual effects enhance the quality of the images; you can add different lighting techniques to the images captured by you. Even a lifeless and dull photo can look full of fun and way beyond your imagination using the perfect visual effects. Visual Effects helps to transform your imaginations to those stunning and realistic photos. It adds magic to your images and makes even impossibility to reality.

Green Screen Visual Effects
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How does this Green Screen Compositing help to Capture Quality Photos?

  • Green is a Universal color for photographers; it clearly draws the line from the skin tone and hair color of the artist. Additionally, the color green is distinctive from every human skin tone so this the most followed visual effects by the entertainment industry.
  • This is one of the best techniques used in photography for Composition of two different images or videos. The green background used while capturing the photo would be removed to replace it with any particular background of choice.
  • Earlier the background was either of white or black color which did not give good results as most humans skin and hair colors match the background. For this reason, the green screen is being used and has been proving to be a great choice for every photographer for capturing and editing the photos.
  • The green screen compositing technology is not just useful capturing photos but also is a great technique applicable in blockbuster movies, video games and News reports which do not happen without it.
  • The green screen technique also creates a unique dimension to the videos; it creates the magic of showing the actors in a 3D Blender environment.



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