Medical Record Review Services Overview

Medical Record Review Services is generally the practice of cautiously assessing the medical records of the patients. Thus, arranging their medical records in a chronological order. It makes easier for doctors to interpret and analyze the current health status of the patient. Many companies hands-on in their work have restructured the process of how medical records are to be viewed. Also offer an innovative and effortless process of shifting the process to a more secure, collaborative platform. This is much easier to be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Let’s focus on the benefits of the Medical Record Review Services

  • It is one solution for staff, facilities and to maintain the secure environment
  • Provide daily metrics in order to monitor productivity and efficiency through the process of review
  • Backed up with an experienced and skilled physician advisory team

Basically, a service model is being used that helps to integrates record review subcontracting expertise.

Services Included in the Medical Record Review Services

  • Clinical Trials: Helps in securely protecting information and thus to streamline the process from the physician and patient recruitment to the management. And enabling solutions to pharmaceutical and medical device sponsors.
  1. Physician Review and Medical Summaries for Clinical Tests
  2. Fundraising and Licensing
  3. Clinical Tests Information Management
Medical Records Review Services
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  • Review of records: Helps to get a customized and spot review of medical records, in order to avoid full reading of reports.
  • Chronological medical summary: It offers utilization of best in class technology. It also provide a reliable and cost-effective service for ultimate scalability.
  1. Medical records organizing and Indexing
  2. Chronology and Medical Summary
  3. Key Points and Analysis reports
  4. Protected Access to Cloud-based and PDF-based work products

Medical Record Review Details

  • Summarization of Records: Error free and high-quality medical records summarization service at an effective cost.
  • Medical Coding: Few among the top – notch to provide medical coding service to various healthcare centers present all over the world.
  • Private Healthcare and Physician Review Advisory Service: Secure submission of medical records and other important information for quick advice and healthcare guidance. With an enabled and well-equipped team of physicians and healthcare specialists to review.
  • The team of physician and specialists provide support to the client by offering medical intelligence and health advisory tips. Thus, collecting, processing and managing inclusive healthcare histories based on the analysis made and medical conditions.

Medical Record Review Services Analysis

  • Management of Revenue Cycle: Helps to reallocate the material, financial and human resources in order to improve the practice and deliver better care to the patients.
  • Medical Record Technology Service: Proving a paperless service without any manual processing. This is a next-generation system which is much more collaborative, cost-effective. Thus, by eliminating inefficiencies and providing a super solution at a much lower cost.
  • Organization of medical record: The most important process that should be done is the extraction of key information. The use of a systematic and structured approach in order to retrieve and organize medical records in a better way. However, further breaking down into useful charts in order to understand the medical history in a better way.

Medical record organization includes:

  1. Digitization and Systematic organization of medical records
  2. Affordable and Customized service
Medical Record Technology
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eMedical Record Review Service is a much more affordable service in terms of both cost and time. Especially there is no need of compromising with the cost and quality of the service. Keeping the requirement of the client as our priority the services are tailored as per t reivheir needs. Furthermore, the medical records are categorized in various different ways such as document type, facilities, provider etc. A high quality indexing solution that helps to get a clear and speedy review and analysis of your medical records.

So, let’s have a look at the difficulties of Medical Record Review Service:

  1. A large number of unorganized data and records
  2. Reigning out other accountable factors
  3. Complicated situations in the medical course
  4. Accurate relevancy of the medical records
  5. Time-Consuming process
  6. Required expertise from the medical field

Medical Record Review Service Types

  • Abstraction Service – Abstraction includes the abstraction of vital pieces of information from your medical records
  • Episodic Service – Episodic involves highlighting the important information’s from the focused periods of care
  • Collaborative Service: Collaborative Service includes reports and details being specific and streamlined to the claimant or patient’s problems
  • Objective Service: Objective includes providing, reviewing and analyzing the report in an objective manner and thus providing the history and summary of reports.

Medical Record Review Services are generally fine-tuned in order to meet the specific requirement and gaining vital and easy access to medical facts.


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