Mental Health App Market

Mobile health app is the process of utilization of smartphones for tracking, maintaining, and keeping track of one’s health on regular basis. Such apps play a major role in improving patient’s overall lifestyle and help in treatment outcomes. In addition to this, the use of these health apps offers better patient engagement and experience, which is resulted in the increasing adoption of such applications across the globe. Increasing preference for various mobile health applications to conduct remote monitoring is turning into a booster for the mental health app market.

Mental Health App

As the count of patients struggling with mental illness increasing, the requirement for faster and effective healthcare is required. For tackling this issue, today’s digital healthcare tolls have the capacity to scale up the treatment and achieve it at a decreased cost. A large section of physicians and healthcare professionals are emphasizing the utilization of mobile health applications and platforms for effective patient care.

Mental health apps help medical professionals with a complete record of documentation and management to communicate findings, improve productivity, and allow easy access to information. The benefit of such apps and solutions act as the major milestones in health outcomes, reduction of fault rates while minimizing the overall healthcare costs. These solutions can smoother the overall treatment process and completely automate the management system.

COVID-19 Impact on Mental Health App Market

Mental Health App COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, governments around the world have imposed lockdowns and restrictions, forcing people to become accustomed to remaining at home. It has become increasingly difficult to schedule face-to-face meetings with health professionals who can provide the help they require. As a result, folks seeking help with anxiety or depression are increasingly turning to mental health apps as a viable alternative thereby fostering the growth of the mental health app market.

Android and Cognitive-Behavioral Disorder Segment to Dominate the Market

Based on the platform, the android segment is leading the market growth with the most downloads. The presence of a large number of android users is the key driver of segmental market value dominance. Manufacturers in both developed and emerging economies are likely to increase their manufacturing and marketing of low-cost Android phones, accelerating the segmental market value.

In terms of application, the cognitive-behavioral disorder segment had the largest market share and is anticipated to register the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. The most frequent mental health issues in both men and women are depression and anxiety. Men are more likely than women to have substance-use disorders, thus they are more likely to use those Apps.

By end-use, paid apps accounted for more than 60% of total sales, making them the most popular product category. The popularity of mental healthcare apps is skyrocketing as the number of apps available in the app store grows. As the popularity of free apps growing, so does the number of paid apps, as individuals are more prepared to pay now than they were previously.

Mental Health App Segment

Regional Outlook of Mental Health App Market

North America led the mental health app market with the largest revenue share. The regional market will continue to grow at a steady pace, on account of expanding smartphone usage, improvements in coverage networks, rising chronic disease prevalence, and a growing senior population. Furthermore, greater use of health and analytics solutions by healthcare providers and others has resulted from expanding demand for such solutions. The Asia Pacific region is predicted to have the quickest CAGR due to increased demand for connected devices, which makes linked living a reality. In addition, many Asian countries are implementing digital health methods and technologies to improve healthcare delivery.

Leading Market Players

The market is highly fragmented as a result of technological advancements and a rise in product demand, which is likely to engage new entrants. Some of the leading players operating in the market are Happify Inc., Talkspace, Aurora Health Care, MoodTools, Sanvello Health, and NOCD Inc.


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