Grapes Capital of India

The famous city of Nashik also known as the grapes capital of India has become a hub of grapes farming. India is leading right from the front in terms of the production of grapes holding the top position among top grapes farming countries in the world. With regards to grape cultivation and grapes production, the Nashik district dominates the world market with its quality of grapes. For the last several decades Nashik continuously holding a key position in the world market and hence popularly called the grapes capital of India.  

Wine Capital of India

Nashik Emerging as a Major Revenue Contributor for Indian Farming Sector

In addition to this, Nashik is also called a vine capital of India owing to a large number of vineyards and wineries present in the district. The district almost produces over 10, 000 tons of grapes every year. The atmosphere of the city is extremely healthy for the growth of grapes. The government of Maharashtra has developed the places as the center point of the winery industry of India. There are several schemes and programs launched by the government to encourage farmers to increase the production of quality grapes which can fulfill the domestic requirements and also available in ample amount to export to other countries.

Wine City of India Nashik

Nashik: Wine Capital of India Attracting Wine Lovers

If you visit the Nashik, your tour certainly deserves the best end with the glass of wine complimented by amazing vineyards with amazing nature taking it to next level. The captivating and mindblowing views of greenery end your tour with a joyful experience. There are more than thirty wineries in Nashik having separate tasting rooms that excite wine lovers. Pimpalgaon Baswant a progressive village from Niphad taluka of Nashik district has registered its importance on the world map with a huge contribution to grapes production. Whether you are from India or outside, you should visit Nashik once in your life to experience the joy of greenery with a sweet taste of quality grapes.


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