Pledging gold jewellery for quick cash is not a new thing in India. For several centuries Indian people use to pledge gold jewellery to get other entities on behalf of. From the last several decades people now started to pledge gold jewellery for instant cash to generate funds for emergency needs. However, there was no facility for release pledged gold in case you struggle to repay.


Everyone faces such a situation in their life where they struggle due to financial problems. Many of them choose to pledge gold for cash. However, many of them struggle to repay the amount within the stipulated time period. As a result of this, they lose their precious gold jewellery.

Releasing Pledged Gold Jewellery

People pledge gold jewellery to the banks, financiers, jewellery buying company, or pawnshop to arrange the funds. But people find it difficult to release their pledged gold due to massive interest rates levied on it. To avoid such a situation, one must keep several things in mind before pledging gold jewellery.


There are several reputed jewellery buying company in Pune and across the nation who help to release pledged gold jewellery, and they also buy back the gold from you. If you search for release pledged gold jewellery services near me, you will get the list of the best jewellery buying company.

Selecting Best Jewellery Buying Company

Trusted jewellery buying company provides instant cash to pre-close your pledged gold loan. Once you get your gold jewellery back. The jewellery buying company checks for the purity of pledged gold and buy back the gold fort the best prices.

In this process, they cut the balance amount, which they paid on behalf of you while releasing gold jewellery. After this, they provide instant cash for gold jewellery with good payouts. So if you want to release pledged gold jewellery then selecting the best jewellery buying company is the crucial aspect.


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