The year 2020 has emerged to be a rollercoaster for all of us. Since the Covid-19, working remotely has become part of life for many of us. It is turning out to be a ‘New Normal’ for the working class to draft online schedules on G-suite, text colleagues on slack, and work on laptops from home. The remote workring from home concept has become a buzz point around the globe and certainly deserves more deep conversation to figure out its benefits for both employees as well as employers.

So, let’s find out what are the real benefits of remote work from home

Improves Working Flexibility

Work from home opportunities brings more flexibility in working settings. As employees need not be in the office, there is an increased possibility of them working earlier or later in the day or they even willing to work at weekends. This helps employees to work as per their convenience and enable employers to meet desired business goals.

work from home family

Boosts Productivity

With fewer work interruptions, which usually happens more in office settings. Contrastly, work from home facilitates a quieter environment that allows to carry out more focused and productive work. Employers can also witness that employees will work for longer hours happily as they can utilize their saved commutation time required to physically attending the office.

Increases Employee Retention

Work from home facility helps employers to retain employees for a longer time as the work flexibility allows them to meet family needs and fit their work around their personal life. Employees get a feeling of increased trust from their employer and that can greatly upgrade the loyalty level.

work from home employee retention

Employee Well-being

Work from home takes out the need to commute to the office that can be a stressful task for your employees. Employees can save time with work from home facilities and get extra healh benefits by utilizing this saved time to take power nap and excercising.

Reduced Sickness Absence

With work from home, employees are likley to get energized and happier to perform tasks. This turns out into the lesser chances of the immune system being affected, resulting in lesser sickness absences.

So, what’s your take on remote working from home as an employee or employer. Let’s know your views in the comment section.



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