Twitter has decided to remove the inactive accounts that are unused and not logged in within six months of the time-period. This is certainly alarming news for the users who have just opened the Twitter account but not using it regularly.

Twitter Accounts
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The deletion of Twitter accounts will start from December 11, which has not been logged for at least six months. Additionally, the social media giant started sending emails to such account users for informing them about the upcoming action.

Twitter Users Need to Keep Account Active to Keep it Running

In an official statement given to Verge, Twitter pronounced that they have taken this initiative seriously. The company proactively contacting users who haven’t logged in to their accounts for over six months. Moreover, for securing the accounts, the user must keep their account in active mode otherwise the action will be taken on it resulting in the removal of the account. However, it doesn’t mean that the user will have to necessarily tweet.

Twitter Account Free Up

In addition to this, Twitter also cleared that users will have to agree to the updated Terms, Cookie, and Privacy Policy. Furthermore, users need to log in and go through on-screen prompts and that too before December 2019.

Moreover, on the removal of accounts, the username will be made available for newbies however there is no specific date for its availability.  Though, this account removal will take place over many months. This will free up space for new users to explore Twitter.

Inactive Twitter Accounts
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Twitter has also said that they are also thinking of bringing a newer addition to the platform. Additionally, the changing time will also bring transformation to this platform. However, as of now, they focusing on improving the call to action performance motivating people to give voice to their thoughts on their very own platform.

The account removal process of Twitter is not newer to the social world. In the past, several companies have done recycling to free up space.


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