World Maratha Organization (WMO) is a rapidly growing international forum in India. The forum was started with the motive of supporting Maratha youth for education, jobs, and business purposes.

World Maratha Organization (WMO)
Source: World Maratha Organization (WMO)

The WMO group created in the year 2011 and within 8 years it has grown immensely. As of now, the group has more than 1.5 million active members on Facebook. World Maratha Organization (WMO) group has a network spread all over India and outside India as well.

The group primarily works for the Maratha youth to ensure the growth of the community. Over the years, WMO has succeeded in bringing Maratha youth together and working for their welfare.

World Maratha Organization (WMO) Focused on Three Verticals

WMO focuses on the development of three verticals such as education, jobs, and business. There is a team of career counseling experts who help young talents to reach their aim. The group also conducts a variety of programs to update Maratha youth.

Young talent from the Maratha community come together on this group and share their knowledge as well as experiences with each other. Members of the group also come forward to promote business ideas and provide strong support to young entrepreneurs.

Maratha Community

There are thousands of incidents where members of this group have helped other members when they were in trouble. Be it helping for education, job, business or, medical emergencies, all work is done without taking money from each other. However, it will be good if there is some charge for promotional and branding. So that this money could be used for the further development of the group.

The group is smartly handled by a group of moderators who work hard to ensure WMO functions as its intended. World Maratha Organization (WMO) has set an outstanding example of how social media platforms can be used for a great cause.



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